Don’t Bet Against Him…

When “The Gypsy King” steps through the ropes of the Staples Centre in Los Angeles in the early hours of Sunday morning, he will do so as a betting underdog for probably only the second time in his professional boxing career.

Not that being an underdog will do anything to deter the lineal heavyweight champion from realizing his destiny, for he has been defying the odds since he was born 3 months premature and weighing in at only 1lb.

As the medical staff feared the worst, his father John Fury calmed the panic, held him in the palm of his hand and proclaimed, “He’ll be alright. He’ll be 7ft tall, 20st and heavyweight champion of the world.”

It was decided then, that he would be named after the reigning heavyweight champion and little Tyson was immediately on the path he was destined to follow.

Fast forward 27 years and Tyson Fury entered a Dusseldorf boxing ring to fulfill his destiny against all the odds, wrestling the Heavyweight Championship of the World from the supposedly unbeatable Wladimir Klitschko.

Destiny seemingly fulfilled, it all came crashing down.

The belts were taken one by one to boxing politics, the waistline started to thicken, and the deadliest rival Tyson could face – himself – pressed the button of self-destruct.

Depression and anxiety took hold, alcohol and drugs temporarily numbed the pain, Tyson’s weight ballooned to an astonishing 28 st and a self-imposed exile of 2 ½ years commenced.

To battle all that and come out the other side is a victory in itself, so when Tyson enters the ring at 18st something on Saturday night – he will already be a winner.

Facing him however, will be the daunting prospect of Deontay Wilder. 40 wins, 39 KO’s – this man could quite possibly be the most ferocious puncher the heavyweight division has ever seen.

The bookmakers think that after only 2 comeback fights against low level opposition, that this opportunity has come too soon and that Tyson Fury – will not be able to repel the bombs that will inevitably be flying his way.

Tyson Fury thinks different. He believes that he is one of the most skillful heavyweights that has ever lived. Listen to his brother Tommy and he will tell you the only heavyweight that ever moved so well, was the self-proclaimed “Greatest of All Times” Muhammad Ali.

One thing is certain – if Tyson Fury does find a way to win and becomes World Heavyweight Champion for a second time, it will be one of the greatest comebacks in the history of boxing.

Tyson Fury is used to defying odds.

He defied the doctors who delivered him prematurely and grew into a mammoth of a man.

He defied all the naysayers, who thought Wladimir Klitschko was invincible and became heavyweight champion at the first time of asking.


He defied all those who thought that losing 10st and getting back in the professional ring was merely a pipe dream.

On Sunday morning in Los Angeles he will attempt to defy the odds once again and I for one would not bet against him.